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MBA Exhibitions Limited is the sole UK distributor of mila-wall® movable wall systems, SCENARIO® temporary walls, and over 180 styles, colours and textures of MBA surface coverings.


More air than wall, mila-wall® wall modules are so light they can be erected easily in any size by two people. The aluminium frame of mila-wall® 100 series stabilizes the wall and protects the edges from damage - guaranteeing durability and re-usability. If particularly heavy exhibits are to be fixed to the walls, modules with solid wood blocking are available. 

Economical by means of quick installation and dismantling, changeable and paintable surfaces turn the wall into a long term product. From rigid 60°, 90° or 135° angles up to infinitely variable angles, all building shapes are possible.


SCENARIO® consists of wall modules which are assembled fast and easy with peg connectors without need for tools. Lightweight modules with heavy duty performance and unlimited design flexibility. According to your needs it can be complemented with tables, showcases, doors, lighting and a full range of other accessories. 
Vertical profiles allow for any angles between the single modules making
SCENARIO® ideal for temporary or travelling exhibitions.

SCENARIO® is always adaptable - and expandable. From a simple display to a complex exhibition booth, the modules stay the same.

Surface Coverings

Self adhesive surface coverings - economical, brilliant and unique for exhibitions, museums and trade shows. Easily applied by hand or with mila-matic® laminator, available in over 180 styles, colours and textures - there's a surface covering for any situation. All surface coverings are fire rated according to international standards, scratch and weather resistant and environmentally friendly.

With a matte, non-reflective finish and a flat, consistent surface, the coverings are suitable for painting, silk screening and the printing of computer graphics. available with either removable or permanent adhesive.

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