Surface Coverings

MBA Surface Coverings are flexible and durable interior design solutions for retail interiors, renovations, building remodelling, commercial and office space, trade show applications, institutions, signage and more. MBA Surface Coverings (foils) are produced in over 180 styles, textures and colours including primary colours, structured patterns, wood grains, standard and designer metallics, textiles and more. Quick and easy installation with little to no downtime, no pre-cutting, no routing, no dust or construction debris. You can send an installer into a location with a roll of surface covering and a couple of hand tools to completely renovate a space in a few hours. MBA surface coverings are available in 1020mm and 1270mm wide and on 25m rolls.

Series 1.000

Series 2.000

Series 3.000

Series 4.000

Series 6.000

Series 7.000

Series 9.000

Series 10.000

Series 11.000

Series 12.000

Series 14.000