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SCENARIO® consists of wall modules which are assembled fast and easy with peg connectors. According to your needs it can be complemented with tables, showcases, doors, lighting and a full range of other accessories. Vertical profiles allow for any angles between the single modules.  With solid thermoplastic peg connectors the modules are assembled in seconds quickly and easily - no tools necessary! Short or high walls, use the same uncomplicated principle. No training is necessary. It’s a matter of a simple panel and a small, sturdy peg connector!  SCENARIO® can be expanded at any time. All the elements can be used over and over again in a myriad of designs and sizes. SCENARIO® is the solution for trade shows, special events, retail shops, promotion, etc. It is the perfect presentation that focuses attention on the objects, not the display system.

SCENARIO® panels are 25mm thick and available in a range of sizes.

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